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The other day I was searching some framework to display notifications and I found this wonderful framework SmallPop. There are two thinks that make this framework amazing:

1) It’s really light, this size of the two files is 8Kb (CSS & JS.min)
2) No dependencies, it’s not necessary load any other js framework.

The framework allow to display the notification in multiples places . Also, it’s posible to make them autoclose after x secons or show them util the user close them.

	template  : null,// string required. Without it nothing happens!
	style     : 'info',// error or success
	autoclose : false,// miliseconds
	position  : 'top-right',// top-left top-center bottom-left bottom-center bottom-right
	icon      : true,// or false
	group     : false,// string, add a id reference 
	onOpen    : funtion() { },
	onClose   : funtion() { }

In my opinion it’s a very good framework to use but it’s missing one important part than it’s the possibility to call a js function not only when a new pop up it’s open or close also when it’s clicked or something else.

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